October 2, 2020


Dear Parent,

It has been a whirlwind and hard to imagine that we are already completing the sixth week of school.  When developing our Return to Learn plan the team created a hybrid delivery model where half of the students would attend school onsite on Monday and Thursdays and the other half would be onsite on Tuesday and Friday.  The original plan was to have Wednesday be a remote day, but giving the Governor's proclamation to have at least 50% of instruction be on site, that needed to be modified where each student would attend five days over a two week period.


Although we have had individual staff and students out of school for COVID reasons the purpose of this communication is to provide information to parents, so they can plan in case our district or a building gets to a point where this delivery method is needed as a mitigation strategy.


The building principals will be sending out a memo to let each parent know whether their child(ren) will be on the black or gold team.  Those on the black team will attend school on Monday, Thursday and every other Wednesday.  Those on the gold team will be onsite Tuesday, Friday and every other Wednesday.  Students will be learning remotely on days in which they do not attend onsite.  For those families with children in multiple buildings our goal was to ensure they are all on the same team in case the district would go to this model.  Please check and if that is not the case please contact us and we will get that fixed.


I cannot be more proud of the cooperation and patience everyone has had as we try and manage school and keep everyone safe.  Having to quarantine can really interrupt individuals and families lives and I know that it adds additional stress on already trying times. Being able to transition quarantine students and staff from onsite to remote learning has gone relatively well and gives me confidence that we can be flexible with learning and still keep people safe.

We will continue to monitor how COVID is affecting Atlantic Community School District and take appropriate actions as the need arises.  Once again the purpose of this letter is to provide information to parents if sometime in the future we have a need to go to a hybrid model.



Steven H. Barber

Atlantic Community School District Superintendent


Mission Statement

The Atlantic Community School District will prepare all learners to be creative, innovative and productive citizens by providing diverse opportunities to learn and apply relevant skills and knowledge in a positive, disciplined and challenging environment.